How to Lose Jobs and Alienate Girlfriends is a warts-and-all documentary about the creative process. At least that’s what it started out as…

In 2008 Tom Meadmore set out to explore the lives of two independent music artists, Amanda Medica and Tony Jackson, as they pursued their dreams of success.

The catch? Amanda was Tom’s girlfriend and Tony was his boss. Shortly after filming began, Meadmore experiences first-hand the delicacy of the artistic temperament, as his insensitivity and uncompromising quest for the truth threatens to rupture two of the most important relationships in his life and derail the movie in the process. Tom is now well and truly a player in this compelling human drama.

It’s a rollercoaster ride that sees his own insecurities flare as he struggles to find a concrete story, challenges his approach to the creative process, and causes him to seriously question everything in his life. Over five years in the making, the resulting outcome of this drama is an unflinching, utterly engaging and deeply honest documentary.

Featuring interviews with multi-ARIA award winners Tim Rogers (You Am I) and Monique Brumby, world surfing champion, Tom Carroll and acclaimed actress, Bojanna Novakovic.